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MMS is global leader in mobile phones imaging and video and strategic partner of Qualcomm and Texas Instruments for 2D and 3D imaging solutions, e-books and tablets!

About Us

Established: 2001 as spin-off from Daisy Group

Workforce: 200 skilled engineers

Areas of expertise:

  • Mobile imaging, video and audio
  • E-books, Tablets, Automotive multimedia
  • Android, Windows, Linux, RTOS, DSP
  • Hardware design and manufacturing: POS Solutions, fiscal devices, consumer electronics


  • 14 years experience in mobile phones imaging, video and audio
  • 5 years experience in DSC and portable audio
  • Strategic partner of Qualcomm and Texas Instruments for OMAP 2D and 3D imaging,  Smartphone and Tablet
  • Well established at all Tier 1 mobile phone and tablet vendors
  • More than 250 million mobile phones shipped worldwide using MMS imaging/video framework and image quality tuning
  • 5 “Best mobile imaging” TIPA awards
  • Reference designs supplier for Texas Instruments for eBook, Tablet, DSC, MP3
  • SmartTV, VoIP phones.

More than 250 million mobile devices have been shipped worldwide using MMS camera framework and imaging algorithms and image quality tuning!