Android Spatial Audio 
HTL Test rig

With the variety of different vendors, phones and earbuds on the market and together with the newly added Android Spatial Audio (SA) features with Head Tracking functionality, there is a need to measure and compare end-to-end Head Tracking Latency (HTL) of the different implementations.

The MM Solutions HTL Test rig gives objective characterization of the HTL with not only latency numbers, but also variation and reliability of the measured results.



  • All in one design for evaluation of head tracking latency of Android based Spatial Audio implementations
  • Allow end-to-end measurement of commercial samples, without need of disassembly or additional test wires/signals.
  • Works out of the box with commercial samples of earbuds and phones
  • No need of dedicated firmware for measurements
  • No need of additional test signals/wires
  • Intelligent Linux Ubuntu test environment implementation
  • Fully automated tests
  • State of the art algorithms for head tracking latency, variation and reliability.
  • Works with ZOOM H6essential float32 recording interface (procured separately). No need of dedicated audio levels setup.
  • Emulate human head wearing in-ear earbuds and option to rotate between predefined positions in horizontal plane, with selectable speed.
  • Easily reproducible on different Android based devices.
  • Give an option for measurement automation – to minimize human’s subjective factor in the measurements.
  • Additional statistical calculations over long sequences with different settings – to minimize measurement errors.
  • Support for manual defined test scenarios for latency evaluation and optimization purposes.


Product Type

Head Tracking Latency (HTL) evaluation device

PC Connectivity


Audio connectivity

Recommended: ZOOM H6essential interface (procured separately)

Head rotation speed

From 0.1 to 50.0 rpm, in 0.1 rpm steps

Rotation angle interval

From -90 to +90 degrees, in 15 degrees steps

Manual iterations

From 1 to 10 iterations per run

Manual delay between iterations

From 0.5 to 10 seconds, in 0.1 second steps

Power supply

12V/2A, power adapter included

Overall dimensions (W/D/H)

25 x 25 x 20 cm

Weight (test rig only)

0.7 kg