MM Solutions EAD (MMS) is a Bulgarian company, one of the leaders in mobile and industrial imaging. MMS is world-renown for its more than 20 years of experience in digital imaging and turn-key camera solutions for mobile, IOT and automotive industries. The company was founded by a team of highly skilled engineers focused on design and development of multimedia consumer devices.

The first 5-in-1 digital camera in Europe introduced to the market, PhotoClip multifunctional digital device, was fully designed and manufactured by MMS team and has been awarded many prizes. During the camera development, the founders’ acquired knowledge of image processing which made them change the company focus towards mobile imaging, thus establishing MMS as well-known and reliable partner to OEMs and the most popular SoC vendors.


MMS customers are leading manufacturers of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, action cameras, etc.) and IoT appliances (drones, electronic readers, smart home gadgets, etc.), SoC and various Embedded devices vendors, as well as Tier 1 suppliers for the automotive industry.

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What makes MMS a valuable and reliable partner is the ability to ramp up quickly on new platforms and to work on highly innovative projects which provoke its engineers’ creativity and development skills where few experts have the knowledge to apply. Keeping a well-motivated and thinking-out-of-the-box engineering team combined with strong expertise and hard work based on shared knowledge and mutual assistance is the essence of MMS success and keeps its customers satisfied and willing to come back in the future.


Here at MM Solutions we believe in:

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MM Solutions was founded by a group of Bulgarian engineers, who created the first digital camera in Europe – the Photo Clip, awarded with numerous prizes and a gold medal at the International Plovdiv Fair. Up to now, the focus is towards providing the best camera solutions in the mobile and automotive industry.

MMS teams take part in key international projects, which are yet to be released. Our Software Developers, Algorithms and AI Developers, Image Quality Engineers possess unusually broad and deep expertise in all areas of digital image processing and embedded OS development.

In addition to building great product on behalf of our clients, we maintain a strong commitment to sharing our experience and expertise with junior IT professionals interested in extending their knowledge. We invest in our future employees through our extended training program – MMS Star Camp and cooperation with Bulgarian universities.


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Office Sofia
3000 m2
350 workstations
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Office Plovdiv
300 m2
50 workstations

The MMS spaces are designed in a modern industrial style and are located in convenient city areas that allow our employees to easily reach them with public transportation. For a better communication, there are two types of working spaces in the buildings – open space and specialized individual offices.

The company colors (orange and gray) are implemented in the contemporary interior. Inside our offices you can find conference rooms with different capacity, well-equipped kitchens and picturesque terraces for relaxation. To achieve a comfortable working environment for our teams, all our offices have been equipped with stand-up desks and monitors. Our goal is to make the work process as enjoyable as it can be.