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1995 The core team started operation in one of the leading Bulgarian consumer electronics companies
1998 The team changed its focus from retail to multimedia consumer devices
1999 Design of the first European digital still camera 1Mpxl with TFT display – Gold medal at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv
2000 Parnership with Zoran Corporation for development and production of CamMini line of DSC reference designs

First consumer devices designed by the team were introduced to the market:

  • Diva MP3 Digital Audio Player – first player acting as USB Mass storage Device
  • PhotoClip-VGA multifunctional digital device – first 5-in-1 camera on the market fully designed and manufactured by the team
  • GRUNDIG Picca 1.3 Mpxl and GRUNDIG Picca 2.1 Mpxl 5-in-1 cameras designed for Grundig AG, Germany
2002 The team spun off and established a new independent company – MM Solutions Ltd. (MMS)
2003 The company focus changed to mobile imaging
2004 First MMS mobile imaging and audio IPs licensed to Alcatel Mobile and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB (SEMC)
2005 MMS became a strategic partner of Texas Instruments Inc. and established as a core software provider for TI imaging coprocessors (DM line)Communications AB (SEMC)
2006 MMS became Nokia Corporation preferred supplier for High-End mobile phones camera solutions
2007 MMS won its first TIPA Award in category “Best Mobile Imaging”
2008 MMS changed its legal status to Joint-stock company and Texas Instruments made a strategic investment in the company, acquiring 20% equity
2009 A key role in the International project “3DTV for mobile phones” in consortium with leading European companies and universities
2011 MMS started providing worldwide services to all TI OMAP customers and received TI Supplier Excellence Award
2012 First imaging project regarding HDR development and integration for the Automotive industry in collaboration with Texas Instruments
2012 MMS licensed pack of 12 imaging IPs to Texas Instruments, shipped with any OMAP silicon
2013 Strategic partnership with Qualcomm Inc. for camera solution services and IPs
2014 Strategic partnership with Movidius Inc. for development and licensing of camera solution for Myriad II line of computational camera processors
2015 Partnership with InvenSense Inc. for licensing of MMS gyro EIS and development of new imaging IPs
2017 Patent of Invention for System and Method for Video stabilization of Rolling Shutter Camera Images issued by Bulgarian Patent Office
2017 Partnership with Renesas
2018 Thunder Software Technology made a strategic investment in MMS, acquiring 100% equity and the company became part of Thundersoft Group
2018 First Automotive project
2019 MMS changed its headquarters address and moved into the Office building Kite nominated in the National competition “Building of the Year 2019”
2020 MMS opened a new office in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, with a team of distinguished experts and senior level engineers
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