Embedded OS development

50+ engineers with vast Android/Linux expertise in different product domains: tablets, e-readers, STB, VoIP, portable players, portable navigation, automotive aftermarket multimedia.

Thanks to our strong in-house expertise in Android, Linux, RTOS, audio, DSP, NEON, SIMD development, integration, and testing, MMS brings significant value to customers in terms of product quality, usability, time to market, support, and maintenance.

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The team is capable to support the full life cycle period of product:

  • Definition of system requirements and
  • HW design and small series prototyping
  • SW porting, integration, and bring-up.
  • Full project management, continuous integration and DevOps.
  • Power and performance
  • Security patches and OTA
  • Various Linux and Android versions port SoC/application processor.
  • Linux device drivers, kernel, user space development and bug fixing.
  • Custom application development.
  • System-level optimization (memory, performance).
  • DSP / NEON / GPU acceleration of various algorithms and implementations.
  • Custom audio and video solutions.
  • Testing and certification.
  • Post-market support (bug fixing,OTA,security updates).



  • Android
  • Linux
  • Yocto
  • Brilo
  • Android Things


  • 32bit/64bit
  • C
  • Assembler
  • Intrinsics


  • Display
    • E-Ink
  • Sensors
    • Accelerometer
    • Compass
    • Gyroscope
    • Proximity
    • ALS
    • Magnetometer
    • Touch
    • PIR
  • Audio CODECs
  • Mic arrays
  • External audio DSP
  • Storage (NAND, MMC, SD)


  • Wi-Fi, BT
  • Ethernet
  • PCIe
  • USB gadget drivers and host side drivers
  • Charger
  • Bridges
  • Graybus


  • Project Management
  • QA and Certification
  • Power Management
  • Thermal Management

Qualcomm DSPs:

  • HexagonTM
    (HVX, VTCM)
    • C
    • Assembler
    • Intrinsics
    • Halide
  • KalimbaTM
    • C
    • Assembler
    • Intrinsics
  • Sensors
    • CAPI v2
    • QACT
    • Custom topologies
    • ACAT
    • QMDE

Cadence DSPs:

  • Vision QxTM
    • C
    • Assembler
    • Intrinsics
  • HiFi3TM
    • C
    • Assembler
    • Intrinsics

Texas Instruments DSPs:

  • TMS320C5xxxTM
    • C
    • Assembler
  • TMS320C6xxxTM
    • C
    • Assembler
    • Intrinsics


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  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Statistics collection (3A, Depth)
  • Number Theory
  • High experience with MATLAB
  • High Dynamic Range RAW Image Merger.
  • Porting and optimization of different image and video algorithms.
  • High experience with MATLAB
  • De-interlacing
  • Image warp
  • Image resizer
  • Color conversions
  • Demosaicing
  • Video noise filter
  • AE, AWB, AF
  • Flicker detection
  • OpenCV functions
  • JPEG encoding/decoding
  • Decoding DTMF, CCIR, CTCSS
  • Image enhancements
  • Algorithm level optimization
  • High experience with MATLAB
  • Data flow/throughput
  • CPU performance
  • Floating/Fixed point and Precision
  • TOF (Time of fly) sensor processing
  • 3D depth decoder algorithm using TOF sensor
  • 3D Image processing
  • 3D Depth decoder algorithm using structured light
  • Stereo matching
  • SW EPD Driving
  • Audio algorithms integration and optimization
  • FSK 1200b/s and QPSK 2400b/s modems, tone
  • Error correction codes BCH codes and convolutional codes
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  • Sample Rate Converter and Equalizer for Audio Signal Firmware, VoIP, and VTC Line of Devices.
  • Porting, optimization, and adding some features to the H.263 and MPEG4 movie encoders and decoders.
  • Acoustic Echo Canceller
  • Voice codecs
  • G.711 PCM codec
  • G.726 ADPCM codec
  • G.729 speech codec
  • MP3 audio codec
  • OPUS audio codec
  • AAC audio codec
  • ADPCM/PCM audio player
  • FIR/IIR Equalizer
  • MIDI 32 Polyphonies decoder
  • Low speed vocoder 2400 b/s 1200 b/s and error correction coding


MMS has a mass production-proven audio IP portfolio optimized for multiple DSP and ARM/Neon platforms.

ARM-Neon, DSP hand-optimized audio components (UL and DL paths) like SRC, mixers, etc.

MPEG 1,2,2.5 Layer 3 low power audio decoder
AAC and MIDI low power audio decoder
G729A, G726, G711 codecs for C54X

Line and acoustic echo cancellers

DTMF and fax tone generation and recognition

If you are considering introducing our technology or products, or if you are interested in co-creation with us, please feel free to contact us from here.