Mobile devices

MM Solutions has a variety of successful projects in the area of mobile services. Engineers in the MMS Camera team specialize in developing and implementing new camera features and enhancements, providing the best camera solutions for their customers.

Made with the latest camera technologies, MM Solutions’ products are characterized by uncompromising quality and innovation.

Group 3111@2x


Image sensor driver development:

  • Mono
  • RGB
  • IR

Flash driver development:

  • Xenon
  • LED
  • Dual

VCM driver development

PDAF driver development

EEPROM driver development


Stereo and array cameras

V4L2 driver development

CSI switcher:

  • HDMI to CSI
  • Parallel to CSI

Development, integration, and full solution support based on clients’ requirements

3rd party algorithm integration (EIS, HDR, MFNR, Face tracking, Object tracking, Food Improvement, Auto Scene Detection, Bokeh, Smart Zoom, etc.).

Ultra fast boot camera for IoT: Start video recording in 400ms from cold boot

Deep knowledge of camera stack

Camera full stack development

Camera pipeline modifications

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