Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer

Location: Sofia

Job Description:

  • Research and develop CV and ML models for visual data analysis;
  • Assist in the development of prototype solutions leveraging CV and ML algorithms;
  • Clean and transform data in order to prepare it for modeling;
  • Implement new statistical or other mathematical methodologies and algorithms as needed for specific models or analysis;
  • Implement and optimize the algorithms for embedded devices;
  • Ideas to generate key decision making KPIs;
  • Work closely with other team experts to achieve optimal real-world implementation design.

Job Requirements:

  • University Degree in Computer Science/ Applied Math/ Statistics or equivalent;
  • Experience with C/C++ and Matlab;
  • Good understanding of linear algebra and analytical geometry;
  • Good understanding of processor architecture, data flow and performance bottle-necks;
  • Ability to understand various data structures and common methods in data transformation;
  • Good command of English, both written and spoken.


  • Experience and knowledge in Image processing;
  • Experience with OpenCV, OpenGL, Data Analytics, Python, NumPy, Tensor Flow, Keras or similar;
  • Good understanding of CV, ML and AI techniques and algorithms;
  • Skilled in Reporting and Data Visualization;
  • Knowledge in application areas such as computer vision and robotics.