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Auto White Balance

The MMS Auto White Balance algorithm is designed to handle complex corner stone cases where no white patch is available on the scene or the scene has predominant color.
Special attention is paid to the human skin tone and memory colors. When combined with advanced methods to control the saturation and color shift, the MMS White Balance algorithm produces vivid pictures with excellent colors accuracy.


  • Innovative per module tuning adjustment. Per module adjustment works with up to three calibration temperatures
  • Developed to provide excellent color quality for sensor modules without calibration data
  • Specially designed face supported algorithm mode with face prioritization
  • Skin, sky and grass colors detection in the image
  • Optional color conversion matrix output
  • Smart estimation of color temperature in Kelvins

Technical details:

Calculation Modes

  • Auto White Balance mode - automatically corrects white balance for wide range of color temperatures. Color temperature range is tuning dependant and for the best quality is recommended to be between 2000K and 9000K
  • Manual White Balance mode - automatically corrects white balance for a user defined type of light source
  • For example:
    • Daylight: For pictures in natural lighting
    • Tungsten: Suitable for indoor pictures under tungsten or halogen lighting conditions
    • Fluorescent: Ideal for indoor pictures under fluorescent lighting
    • Sunset: Corrects the color cast when capturing sunset scenes
    • Cloudy: For daylight scenes without direct sunlight
  • Manual color temperature mode - in this mode the white balance gains are calculated according to the manually set color temperature
  • White reference mode - in this mode the algorithm calculates color gains for white reference image and holds them if requested

Control modes

  • Running mode - in this mode the algorithm calculates color gains for every input frame
  • Suspended mode - in this mode the algorithm outputs last calculated gains

Capture modes

  • Preview/ Video mode - this mode is designed to fulfill speed and high quality requirements during preview or video record
  • Still capture mode - this mode is designed for best image quality
  • Flash capture mode - this mode provides excellent quality for images captured with flash. Very sophisticated approach guarantees the best colors quality for all possible flash types and intensities