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One-Shot Auto Focus

The MMS fast Auto Focus algorithm provides excellent focusing accuracy with best-in-class latency independent of the type of the actuators used. Specially designed algorithms are used to ensure the optimal driving methods minimizing the drive time and increasing the speed and accuracy, as well as accommodating a brad range of production tolerances.


  • Single and continuous focus were developed and working in practically all industry wide lens actuator technologies – VCM, HVCM, piezo, piezo + position sensor, stepper motors, variable focal length lenses
  • VCM ringing compensation
  • Part of MMS SAF/CAF is lens driving method using SW VCM ringing compensation, which guarantees best focusing in very bright conditions (exposure time less then lens ringing period)
  • Uses gyroscope sensor and frame analysis data to detect handshake or moving scene during scanning
  • Support for stereo capturing
  • Support for face and touch focus modes
  • Optimized for TI OMAP

Technical details:

Focusing system type

  • Piezzo motor or VCM (Voice Coil Motor)‏


  • Normal, Macro, Extended, Portrait, Continuous, Manual


  • Speed: < 0.8 sec
  • Light level: > 10 lx
  • Metering: Center, Multi-zone (normal, average or center), Selectable area, Face prioritized
  • AF assist light usage
  • Zoom tracking