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Camera Application

Designed to improve the quality of mobile photography, MM Solutions camera application offers Android users a better experience - smooth UI and extensive feature control, backed up by industry-leading MMS-developed image processing algorithms.

MMCam makes the most of your phone's capabilities and delivers it in an accessible way. It is designed to offer both experienced and novice photographers an intuitive and satisfying user experience through implementing effortless UI navigation, basic and advanced menu modes, a tab system to sort information and extensive personalization of the working surface.

Behind the sleek appearance stay MMS-developed algorithms providing best-in-class performance and image and video quality, as well as a wide range of advanced features, such as filters and effects, smile shutter, beautifiers, etc.

More than simple image and video capture, MMCam also offers continuous capture, best photo, panorama and HDR modes to fit every situation and make the most of your device.

Enjoy MMCam – the best of mobile photography, coming soon to your device!

MMS is releasing a brand new camera application for all Android users. Designed by MMS experts and using our best-in-class custom algorithms, MMCam sets a higher standard for mobile photography, delivering extensive control of available camera settings, combined with a variety of great features like HDR, panorama, ultra-fast capture and best photo modes, custom profiles, voice control and much more, all packed up in a sleek and intuitive UI.

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