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Automatic Lens Shading Correction

Description of the phenomenon

  • Common issue for most of the cameras
  • Expressed in color variation from center to corners
  • Affects image quality in negative way

Color Shading Correction technique

Sensor module calibration methods and techniques are widely used nowadays to solve color shading problems. During the manufacturing process the color shading correction is recorded for limited number of lights.

This approach has several drawbacks:

    • It is successful for some lights and fails for many others
    • Increased manufacturing time and cost

 MMS Auto-CSC algorithm features

  • Successfully solves color shading problems for any kind of lights and conditions
  • Works for all kind of camera modules
  • Works with standard statistics used by other algorithms
  • Works for both video and still image capture
  • Real time color shading correction
  • Cost effective - no need for per unit calibration
  • Fast and reliable