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Background Removal


MMS Background Removal algorithm uses several frames captured with conventional still image or video camera

  • The time between different shots should be selected in a way to be possible to distinguish the background and moving objects
  • It is preferable to capture the frames with identical settings - exposure, white balance, focus, etc.

MMS Background Removal algorithm avoids ghosting

  • One of the frames is selected as a base for the fusion
  • Uses an algorithm for image alignment to match the background of all images
  • Detects moving objects and does not fuse the corresponding areas to avoid ghosting artifacts

MMS Background Removal algorithm uses both gyro-based and features based alignment methods

The images are aligned to each other before fusion

  • If Gyroscopic sensor is available – it is used for images alignment to speed-up the processing (precise time stamps are necessary in this case)
  • If no Gyroscopic sensor is mounted, uses features detection and tracking for alignment

MMS Background Removal algorithm features user assistance during object removing

The algorithm allows the user to select objects that can be deleted