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Video Stabilization


The MMS Video Stabilization algorithm is a state-of-the-art camera solution that uses sensor data in order to stabilize horizontal and vertical panning, rotation and zooming caused by undesired camera movements, serving to:

  • eliminate handshakes & rolling shutter effect
  • smooth panning, rotation and zooming

It is a robust, real-time solution that provides with excellent results even in tough recording conditions such as large moving objects and low light conditions, allowing users to enjoy smooth and clear videos in every environment.


Video stabilization and rolling shutter distortion compensation

  • Contemporary CMOS sensors use rolling shutter, which can cause significant geometrical distortions in videos, especially when captured carelessly
  • Most video-stabilization algorithms do not compensate (or compensate partially) for rolling shutter distortions. As a result, even stabilized videos suffer from remaining rolling shutter distortions and often display worse quality resulting from such stabilization
  • Where is the problem? Most algorithms apply global geometry transformation on each frame, which is generally insufficient for rolling shutter compensation, especially in cases of camera shake. MMS Video Stabilization uses image and other sensors data to achieve excellent rolling shutter compensation and outstanding video quality

Lower computational and power costs

  • Information from different sensors of the smartphone can reduce significantly the number of computations, achieving extremely short calculation time and lower computational and power costs
  • MMS Video stabilization is very robust in hard-to-stabilize scenes like clouds, water surface, etc

Smart panning detection

  • Embedded algorithm analyzes hand shake severity and detects panning so as to apply the most suitable stabilization for different cases

Example videos with and without MMS video stabilization:

Example videos with and without MMS video stabilization:

Video stabilization comparison:

Subject of comparison in the given tests is the video stabilization quality only!

We are comparing side-by-side the video stabilization on a test phone running MMS VSTAB algorithm with the optical and digital video stabilization provided by other smartphone competitors.

Thеse tests do not compare the video quality in terms of colors, details, etc.

Please contact us for more details about the performed tests and the smartphones used in the provided videos.