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Automotive CDK

Automotive CDK (Camera Development Kit) – multi-platform turn-key solution for accelerated development of automotive cameras

  • Flexible and feature rich, incorporating all ISP control function, mandatory image quality algorithms, support for profiling, logging, debug, etc. Applicable for all automotive camera use cases: surround view(SRV), camera mirror (CMS), front or rear camera, multiple cameras stitching, machine human and vision
  • Single source solution, providing full camera stack and tools for high quality automotive camera
  • Tested with many automotive custom and off-the-shelf operating systems (OS) – Linux, QNX, DSP Bios, Green Hills, FreeRTOS and ISPs (TI, Renesas)
  • Easy to customize and port on new platforms and operating systems
  • Low support overhead, straightforward integration with ECU control software, no hardware dependencies, easy to deploy on new ECU, sensor, lens, etc
  • Long term solution, easy to customize to new ISP, add/remove new imaging algorithms, ten years support
  • Provides all hooks to achieve with outstanding video quality at very low total ownership cost

Production quality pre-integrated imaging algorithms (AEC, AWB, dynamic range management, color management)
No deep ISP expertise needed to achieve good image quality
Automated tuning tools for best performance
  • Already in production with one European Tier I and ongoing projects with another three
  • Baseline solution for TI TDA2 and TDA3P, Renesas’V3M and V3H