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Image Pipe

MMS programmable Image Pipe provides state of the art image quality at very reasonable computational cost

  • MMS Image Pipe is a turn-key solution, providing excellent image quality
  • MMS Image Pipe was under development for more than 10 years and most of its building blocks were used in a volume production by Tier 1 handset OEMs and DSC makers
  • Over the years, MMS Image Pipe was ported to different DSP and SIMD accelerators – C54X, C55X, C64X, SIMCOP, NEON
  • MMS Image Pipe consists of the following blocks:
    • Data pedestal subtraction and image
    • Defect pixel correction and impulse noise removal
    • Bayer domain scaling
    • Lens and color shading correction
    • Bayer domain noise filter - temporal and spatial adaptive
    • Green imbalance correction
    • Edge adaptive CFA
    • Color conversions - RGB2RGB, RGB2YUV
    • Gamma correction
    • Tone mapping and DRC - GBCE, LBCE
    • RGB domain filtering
    • Color enhancement
    • YUV domain noise filtering
    • Adaptive edge enhancement
    • YUV domain scaling

MMS Image Pipe control algorithms and tools

  • Image pipe control framework
  • Provides an easy way to adapt, parameterize and control the image pipe
  • Provides an easy way to change, modify and apply the tuning parameters
  • Covers all components needed for seamless integration on Android, Linux or Windows
  • Per-module calibration support
  • AAA algorithms
  • Includes Auto Exposure (AE), Auto Focus (AF), Auto White Balance (AWB), Continuous Auto Focus (CAF)
  • Face or metering prioritization for AE, AWB, AF, CAF
  • Auto flicker detection and correction
  • Lens driving and de-ringing
  • LED & Xenon flash still and video
  • Tools
  • Bit exact image pipe simulator
  • Tuning tools hiding the image pipe details
  • Production line calibration tools

MMS Image Pipe performance

  • Picture In Picture (PIP) preview image pipe
  • Designed for target systems with one HW ISP only, where due to limited memory bandwidth, pixel processing or other design constraints is impossible to process simultaneously the input data from front and back cameras
  • Usually the larger resolution preview stream is produced by HW ISP, while the lower resolution stream is generated by SW ISP
  • Performance: 20mS @ 1GHz ARM+NEON/200 MHz DDR
    • 2Mpix input (Bayer); QVGA YUV output
  • High quality still capture image pipe
  • Target systems with limited ISP capabilities in terms of performance or image quality
  • Performance: 650mS @ 1GHz ARM+NEON/200 MHz DDR
    • 5Mpix input (Bayer); 5M YUV output
  • Optional super low-light filter
  • Highly recommended for low-light indoor conditions
  • Performance: 1s @ 1GHz ARM+NEON/200 MHz DDR
    • 5Mpix input (Bayer); 5M YUV output
  • Can be implemented as post-processing stage, allowing camera to run in parallel

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